Your Therapist

Jane McGarvey is a long term Natural Health advocate with over 16 years of experience within the health Industry.  She is deeply passionate about your relationship with your mind <> body <> soul.

The combination of soft tissue therapy and Spiritual Expansion provides a unique approach to moving you into alignment that you will not have experienced anywhere before. 

Jane has the ability to hold safe space for you to let go and release, in a safe and nurturing environment.

A session will always be fun, insightful, positive and even teary at times. However, you will always feel supported and held as you begin to conceptualise and integrate a new way of being. 

At The Bowen Collective, Jane uses a unique approach to whole body medicine by combining powerful therapies to make long and lasting changes.

Bowen Therapy and Spiritual Alignment services available in Maroochydore. Perfect for anyone seeking to move forward in their lives. Jane McGarvey Spiritual Kinesiologist.


Jane McGarvey

Empowerment Specialist
Bowen Therapist
Meditation Teacher